my online GPS tracker is pants!!

So day 3 of the Janathon, done my usual (well I say usual but only onto third day) route, just me and Simba today as the other half is ill in bed, I have told him it’s because he doesn’t eat sprouts, anyway found it okay tonight, a bit of aching in the tops of my legs but think that’s cos I have gone from running 3-5 times a week down to no times a week over Christmas then suddenly gone up to every day. I got back to the house and my time was 22 mins when I done the same route on Sat it was 24 mins but had to stop for a bit to wait for this person to get their puppy back on a lead otherwise it would have come with us according to them, so anyway, yea, back to times, was quite impressed with that until I seen the GPS had dropped after 0.1 km haha, if anyone can recommend a good online tracker app for blackberry it would be greatly appreciated. Well tomorrow will be the real test as back to work then and don’t get in the house till 7.30pm after being out of the house from 7.30am , not sure what to eat before hand (this is the first time running since starting this new shift) don’t want to be eating at 8pm but also don’t want to not eat at all from lunch till run?? My lunches vary from 12.15 to 2pm so it’s going to be quite hard. Well hope everyone else is getting on okay, I’ll have a check on the proper web site at work tomorrow so till then ta-ra 🙂 x


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Loves music, festivals, holidays, running, my other half, my dog, not necessarily in that order!
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